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How to change brushes on a worm drive saw

Give your SKILSAW Worm Drive a tune up by changing the brushes. Brushes can also be changed this way on SKILSAW SIDEWINDERS.

Replacing Oil In Worm Drive SKILSAW

Replace the oil in your SKILSAW Worm Drive once a year to keep it running like new.

Remove Diamond Knock Out from Replacement Circular Saw Blade

How to remove the diamond knockout from a replacement circular saw blade using the SKILSAW multi-function wrench.

Check the 90 Degree Angle on a SKILSAW

How to check and reset the 90 degree angle on a SKILSAW to ensure accurate 90 degree cuts.

Mounting the Blade on a Circular Saw

See how to safely and securely mount the blade on a circular saw.

Set Max Depth of Cut Stability Adjustment on Worm Drive Saws

How to set the max depth of cut stability on a SKILSAW Worm Drive. Fine tune the stability of your worm drive saw at max depth of cut to maintain 90 degree cuts.

Using Rip Fence Guide

Make long rip cuts quickly and accurately by using a rip fence with your Skilsaw. See how to set up the rip fence in two easy steps