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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I purchase replacement parts for my SKILSAW product?

    In the United States, replacement parts can be ordered online or by phone:

    BY PHONE:    1-877-SKIL-999


    In Canada, replacement parts can be ordered by phone:

    BY PHONE:     Ontario & Western Provinces:    1-800-387-8304
                            Quebec & Atlantic Provinces (French speaking):     1-800-463-3676


  • Where can I find SKILSAW accessories?

    All of our retailers have the ability to special order SKILSAW accessories for you. However, accessories can also be purchased through one of our many online retailers, online directly through or by phone at: 1.800.346.4103.

  • What type of oil and how much do I need to put in my SKILSAW Worm Drive Saw?

    1. Skil or Bosch Worm Drive Oil part #80111 or WD7LUB is specially designed for our worm drive saws.
    2. Gear box must be filled up to the bottom of the oil plug threads. Please make sure that the tool is in horizontal position on leveled surface when refilling this gear box.

    Watch a video of how to change the oil in your worm drive on our YouTube Channel here.

  • How do I change the brush(es) on my Worm Drive or SIDEWINDER saw?

    The SKILSAW Worm Drive has 2 brushes and the SIDEWINDER has one brush.  These should be checked often and replaced when worn. 

    Watch a video of how to replace the brushes on your Worm Drive saw on our YouTube Channel.

  • Where can I purchase obsolete switches and brushes?

        Obsolete switches and brushes can be found at Eurton Electric.

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