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8-1/4 In. Aluminum Worm Drive Saw

Make amazing 60-degree bevel cuts with our 8-1/4 In. SKILSAW® worm drive model SPT78W-22. This saw is powered by our largest 15 Amp Dual-Field™ high torque motor so you will make the last cut as precisely as you did the first cut. Exclusive 60-degree bevel. High torque Dual-Field™ motor. Legendary SKILSAW® durability. And a Diablo® blade is included in the box. What more could you ask for?

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8-1/4 In. Worm Drive Saw


  • Exclusive 60° bevel feature with 8-1/4 In. blade is ideal for angled cuts
  • High torque 15 Amp motor
  • Precision-machined, durable worm drive gears for longer tool life
  • 22 Amp switch and heavy gauge cord
  • Die-cast aluminum motor and gear housings for durability
  • Note: saw weight includes blade and cord


SPT78W 8-1/4 In. Worm Drive with 24-Tooth Diablo® Carbide blade and multi-functional wrench


Size Power Materials Cut Depth
Arbor Size Diamond Amperage 15 Motor Gearing Worm Drive Geared Depth of Cut at 45 deg 2-1/4"
Blade Size 8-1/4" Motor Housing Material Magnesium Depth of Cut at 60 deg 1-1/2"
Cord Length 8 ft Foot Material Steel Depth of Cut at 90 deg 2-7/8"
Height 8" Gear Housing Material Aluminum
Weight 18.5 lbs.
Bevels Blade Other
Bevel Angle Range 0° to 60° Blade Location Left External Motor Brush Access Yes
Bevel Stops 0°, 45° Blades Included Yes Integrated Rafter Hook Not Featured
Preset Bevel Angle Detents n/a Blade Type 24-tooth Diablo® Carbide Tipped Warranty 180 day STAY TRUE Guarantee and 1 year limited warranty